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Beltane – Fire, Roaming Spirits, and Hanky Panky

When I was a kid May Day was an event. Granted it was in Minnesota, so maybe a bunch of Scandinavians and other Nordic people just really know how to have a good time. Ahem–when you are six years old. We’d get out our construction paper and make little heart shaped baskets with a handle that we’d fill with candy (one for the basket, one for my mouth – religiously upheld standard) and then go about the neighborhood and do…

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Nessie, Unicorns and Scotch

I recently had the good fortune to travel to Scotland (granted in January) and I took full advantage. Once my business was done in Edinburgh, I rented a car and got my arse into the highlands. My personal navigation skills are somewhat legendary in my family, (I once drove to South Dakota by mistake – please don’t ask) so I wasn’t entirely surprised that even when I used GPS, I still ended up on the hardest road that traveled rocky…

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Easter – Peeps with Battleaxes

I admit to a slight obsession: queue the clucking bunny and bring on his Cadbury Cream Eggs. As a child I was neurotic, leaving these gooey beauties in my basket to savor last. Keep your jelly beans, your marshmallow peeps, even the chocolate bunny and gimme, gimme the cream eggs. Easter is upon us and already I’m trying to curb my Pavlovian response. In celebration of Easter, and since I have been neck deep in Viking era research, I thought…

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