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Ireland – A Wee Drop of Whiskey for St. Patrick

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, created to celebrate a monk who drove the snakes out of Ireland. Well, not real snakes, just those pesky Celtic pagans. Thanks to my latest writing endeavor, I’ve been researching Vikings, which landed me in scads of fun information about Ireland, particularly St. Patrick. Though history favors the tales of Viking’s invading Ireland and taking slaves to bring back to Scandinavia, it would also seem that the Druids routinely went across the channel to pillage…

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Viking Rune Stones: Unlock Your Right Brain

I was sitting in a candlelit room, trying not to cough through a haze of incense. On the table in front of me were strewn a handful of stones all carved with sharp angled symbols. I had never seen Rune Stones before, and being the more nerdy, scientific sort, I never thought to seek them out. So it was a surprise to me when one of the psychoanalysts that helped me with my first novella I’m a Nightmare, introduced them…

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St. Barths – French Island of Pirates, Swedes & hella good Wine

Somewhere around March your endurance for winter becomes a fine thread ready to snap. The ache for sunshine and warm feet sends me into the arms of the island of Saint Barthélemy. It is French owned and affectionately known as St. Barths in the Caribbean. Only 8 miles long, you can travel by car from one end to the other in 20 minutes. But to reach the island requires a touch of bravery. You fly into St. Maarten next door…

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