Del MacKay is a tale of two countries.  Born in Minnesota, she spent most of her summers with family in Canada exploring forests and lakes.  Always a writer, at the age of five she ‘published’ her first work using crayons, construction paper and a stapler.  Though a big hit at home, it didn’t take off.  Chewing through mysteries and Tolkien in her formative years, she wrote several teen novels and a fantasy epic, but when she grew up and went to the University of Minnesota she ended up as an Economics major.

Adding a Masters Degree in Finance, Del went on to a career in the financial services sector, spending time on trade floors, project finance, mortgages and banking strategy.  A far cry from fiction.  But she never stopped writing.  Always fascinated by the human experience and what makes us all tick, she has delved into many of the psychological aspects of what colors our relationships and is always trying to weave that element into her writing.

With two black belts and over twenty years of martial arts experience, she enjoys writing fight scenes as much as watching Kung Fu flicks.  Currently she lives in the vibrant Midtown area of Atlanta, GA, but she is often traveling to far flung locations, always on the hunt for a good story.