For Readers

Welcome to my For Readers page.  This page is dedicated to you the reader, pretty much my most important person.  As an avid writer/reader I troll online reading sites searching for interesting tidbits, tools or anything to make my life easier.  I want to share what my net has caught in the hopes it might benefit my fellow word addicts.  I update this section when I find something I really like.  I hope these sites add some fun to your day or help you find that next great book.  Happy Reading!


The Millions is technically an online magazine but they’ve evolved and built themselves into a great review site with rich archival content and lists that can help a reader looking for that next book.  Besides the assistance with reviews they also have jaunty articles and fun perspective pieces.  They also have paid staff writers, which delivers continuity and a consistent voice.  I like that part.  But they also have many guest writers that sprinkle their pages and keep the content fresh.  They have also recently dived into the online publishing pool so it will be interesting to see what happens with that.



I think most people have heard of good reads and if you haven’t you should really check it out.  This site is a lot like Amazon’s Shelfari in that it allows you to connect with friends, rate and comment on books and see what others are reading.  I admit when I joined I got addicted going through and highlighting all the books I had read before and rating them.  They use this info to provide further recommendations.  Good reads specializes in creating discussion groups, book clubs and even provides a space for writers to post their own work. I’ve used this for bookclubs before and it was pretty slick and as a writer, well, what can I say, every outlet is good.



Just like Amazon made it easy to shop for toothpaste as it does for books, they have crafted a reader haven that takes all the data from their home selling site and compiles it along with site driven reader feedback. The result is an at your fingertips compilation of all the current reader goodies. Shelfari is easy to navigate, the sight highlights not only featured pieces but it shows you what is trending this very day and how many readers are currently nose deep in which book.  Another nice feature is the site’s ‘tagging’ option.  With over 200 tags you can keep the same type of story rolling in your direction probably for the same amount of time it would take you to attain a doctorate.  And much like everything today it is hotwired into all the social media allowing for you to connect with friends so you can share and recommend.  I like this site and have been using it for a while.  It keeps me organized and helps me find new things.



Whichbook is literally a ‘which book should I read next’ kinda site.  The nice thing about this site is you don’t necessarily have to be a member to partake.  To enjoy its tasty algorithms just hit the home page and use their handy filtering tool.  The elegance is that it is a scale instead of a check box.  The first one is pretty simple…do you want to laugh or cry?  You move the little meter closer or further away to indicate your preference.  You can choose up to four meters and do everything from increase the sex to decrease the violence, therefore tailoring for yourself the penultimate book list.  They have some other nice features.  Authors will establish a Guest Book List, so if you have a favorite author and want to see what s/he is reading you can take a peek.  You can create your own list and plug in through Facebook if that is your thing as well.  I like it because it is a no muss no fuss way to find a book to read.  I can create my book piles from ‘winter night stretch my brain’ to ‘trashy beach novel’.  Always a nice tool to have at your disposal.



Ohhh, what fun for writers and readers alike.  Wattpad is like a never ending rough draft.  That may sound scary but if you ever wanted as a reader to provide feedback to authors about their unpublished or in the works books, this is the site to do it.  The best part is that it is all free.  Go out and search for one of your favorite authors and see what they are writing today, and don’t be shy on the feedback; we love it (well, constructive advice anyway – can’t do much with ‘it just sucked’).  So come out and play with your writers, we need your feedback!