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Have you ever been in that one relationship that didn’t make sense?  Or have that friend that seemed to explode for no reason, swearing like a sailor on shore leave?  I wrote this novella after having several strange encounters of my own and learned I was not alone.  When I started to dig in, I found that many people in my universe had been emotionally mangled by people suffering from personality disorders.  The one in particular that seems to fly under the radar is the borderline.  With the help of two psychologists and the dear people who shared their experiences with me, I crafted this piece to highlight a little written about mental/emotional issue.  This is not a pretty topic nor is it for those easily turned off by crude behavior or vulgar language.  The borderline is a unique specie along the personality disorder continuum, and their behaviors are often masked behind acute intelligence and even unusual charm.  Jack Young gives a first hand account of how he discovers he is a borderline.  With a high octane job as a top performing stockbroker, he is on the road to wealth while still living a life on the fringes.  Two events force him to take a look at himself: a promotion and Liana.  Relationships are foreign to Jack beyond one cultivated on codependence with Sean, his best and only friend.  In his attempts to woo and keep Liana, Jack struggles to maintain control of the relationship and his career that seems to be finally flowering to the distinction he believes he deserves.  But as he tightens the noose around the necks of those around him, he soon finds himself on the gallows, forced to accept a reality he had never considered.




An incredible read for anyone who’s been in a relationship with “that crazy one.”

By Amy Oguntala On December 3, 2014

The love. The lies. The hurt. The hope. The circus-like madness of being in a relationship with one who is really just in a twisted relationship with oneself. Follow the deconstruction that unfolds at the hands of a borderline personality and a lover’s struggle to remain whole, remain sane. I dare you to put this one down before the last page.


Amazing, tour-de-force, destined to be a bestseller

By Peter Seige On December 3, 2014

Fascinating is the least I can say about this book. I meant to read for 5 min and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it!!!!
You feel like you are living the story yourself. Truly riveting.
I cannot wait until the next book is released.


Great read! Very fascinating character study of a person …

By KHoward On December 24, 2014

Great read! Very fascinating character study of a person with borderline personality disorder written from his perspective, which is so original! I found the writing so interesting & compelling that I read it in record time. Del MacKay is a great writer and I’m excited to read her next book!