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Beltane – Fire, Roaming Spirits, and Hanky Panky

When I was a kid May Day was an event. Granted it was in Minnesota, so maybe a bunch of Scandinavians and other Nordic people just really know how to have a good time. Ahem–when you are six years old. We’d get out our construction paper and make little heart shaped baskets with a handle that we’d fill with candy (one for the basket, one for my mouth – religiously upheld standard) and then go about the neighborhood and do…

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Nessie, Unicorns and Scotch

I recently had the good fortune to travel to Scotland (granted in January) and I took full advantage. Once my business was done in Edinburgh, I rented a car and got my arse into the highlands. My personal navigation skills are somewhat legendary in my family, (I once drove to South Dakota by mistake – please don’t ask) so I wasn’t entirely surprised that even when I used GPS, I still ended up on the hardest road that traveled rocky…

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